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The indie Label MEGA MUSIC

In addition to the special event locations, the best possible media presence plays a major role in all Mega Music projects.

We focus on Burgenland artists, but it's not about separating ourselves from the rest of the Austrian mainstream, but about creating space and visibility for the diversity of Austrian musicians in general.
To offer new talents the opportunity to release their music, to represent and support them in the best possible way at all levels and also to contribute to the greatest possible success also in terms of bookings.

We publish our own songs under Mega Music Originals ©

What makes a successful new label?

Clear goals that we pursue together!

Making it audible & visible

Hard beats and good drops best online live streams on all social media

...powerful, driving beats, drops that heat up until the crowd boils.
Our music picks us all up!

You can't escape the vibes, "We make sure that we all support each other",

 "When one of our performers or a DJ goes full throttle at events, we create a good atmosphere on all levels and support each other.

With a feeling for good songs, we advise and network you to get the best out of the songs.

We are young - dynamic and have the professionalism and power to support you in the best possible way on all levels and to turn every event into fireworks.

The party wave was yesterday, a party tsunami suits us better - mega parties are a must

There is no such thing as too colourful, too extreme, too cool!

... our party claim is simple:

Party like there's no tomorrow and nobody can stop us!

On 09.09.22
our music label was registered and we started into an exciting future:


more than music – mashUp the Future ©

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